Does Leave Without Pay Affect Redundancy?

How do you break a continuous job?

Events that break continuity An employee’s continuous employment will be severed if the employee takes a break of a complete week ending with a Saturday that does not contribute towards continuity.


Only work under a legal employment contract counts towards continuous employment..

Can an employee take leave without pay?

Leave without pay can be taken at other times by agreement between the employee and employer. An employee is not entitled to be paid for public holidays that fall during a period of leave without pay. An employee absent on leave without pay does not accrue annual leave during that period of absence.

Does unpaid leave affect continuous employment?

Will a period of unpaid leave break the employee’s continuity of service? … Short-term unpaid leave that is approved by the employer is likely to be seen as counting towards continuous employment, either by continuation of the contract or by arrangement, unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

Does continuous employment mean permanent?

Continuous service is worked out in months and years, starting with the date you began work for your employer. If there is a break in your employment then normally none of the weeks or months before that date will count as continuous service.

How long can an employee take unpaid leave?

the total time away due to illness or injury must be less than 3 consecutive months, or a total of less than 3 months over a 12 month period. employees can be taking paid, unpaid or a combination of paid and unpaid sick leave during their absence. employees need to provide evidence of their illness or injury.

What qualifies as continuous employment?

Continuous employment is when an employee has worked for one employer without a break. The length of continuous employment gives certain rights to employees, including: maternity pay. flexible working requests. redundancy pay.

Does unpaid leave count towards redundancy?

The amount of redundancy pay the employee gets is based on their continuous service with their employer. Continuous service is the length of time they are employed by the business and doesn’t include unpaid leave. Read about whether casual service counts for redundancy pay in our Library.

What does leave without pay mean?

Leave without pay (LWOP) is a temporary nonpay status and absence from duty that, in most cases, is granted at the employee’s request.

Does leave without pay affect annual leave?

The employer and employee can agree that the unpaid leave will have no effect on the employee’s annual holiday entitlement. The first week of unpaid leave does not affect either the date on which the employee becomes entitled to annual holidays or the divisor of 52.

What is considered excessive annual leave?

Excessive annual leave Generally, under these new rules, an annual leave balance is considered ‘excessive’ if an employee has more than: 8 weeks of annual leave, or. 10 weeks of annual leave if they are a shiftworker.

How do you terminate an employee under probation?

Termination procedures Both parties should be able to terminate the employee’s employment on short notice. For example: if the usual notice provision is 3 months, it is recommended to have one-month notice provision during the probationary period.

Can you terminate an employee during probation period?

In order to be eligible to make an unfair dismissal claim, an employee must have first completed the minimum period of employment with his or her employer. Generally, this means that you can terminate the employee during the probationary period without leaving yourself open to an unfair dismissal claim.

Does unpaid leave count towards probation?

A common question from members is whether an employee’s absence from work extends their probation period or Minimum Employment Period. The answer depends on the reason for the employee’s absence. Where the employee is on a period of unpaid leave, the period of leave will not count as service with the employer.

Does leave without pay count as continuous service?

Under this section any period of unpaid leave or unpaid authorised absence (such as parental leave) does not break a national system employee’s continuous service with his or her national system employer, but does not count towards the length of the employee’s continuous service.

Is it okay to take leave during probation?

LEAVE RULES FOR EMPLOYEES (TEACHING & NON TEACHING) DURING PROBATION PERIOD: During the probationary period, there will be no entitlement of any kind of leave, be it Casual Leave, Sick / Medical Leave, Academic Leave etc. or any other kind of leave for any employee(s).