How Do I Start Making Beats For Beginners?

What is the best beat making app?

Here are 10 of the best apps every beat-maker should own.Figure by Propellerhead.

Price: Free.

FL Studio Mobile HD.

Price: $20.


Price: $5.

Traktor DJ.

Price: iPad ($10) / iPhone ($2) …


Price: $20.

Ninja Jamm.

Price: Free.


Price: Free.


Price: Free version; $4 for pro version.More items…•.

How long does it take to learn how do you make beats?

Short answer: about 10 hours for a song, 3 hours for a beat. I like to write an instrumental (make a “finished” beat) in three sessions. A session is however long I can sit at the computer and do one thing without getting ADD. So usually 3 hours at a time, give or take.

Do I need to learn music theory to make beats?

Theory can help, but transcription, ear training, and music listening will do your beats wonders. Theory is useless if you don’t have the ear, experience, or taste to use it practically.

Do you need to learn piano to produce?

You do not need to know piano to make beats, but obviously it will help. It will help in a couple different areas: Allow for quick improvisation of loops, and catchy parts. Make your beatmaking process much easier, as you understand music scales, and what notes sound good etc.

What programs make beats?

The Gismart beat maker machine is an app-based maker available on both Apple and Android products. This app is perfect for making beats on the move, and an easy entry to the top 10.

How do I get better at making beats?

Here are ten beat making tips for beginners.Practice Your Technique. … Don’t Worry About Effects. … Get a Solid Foundation. … Spend a Lot of Time Making Your Drums Sound Great. … Basslines Are Difficult so Start with Simple Patterns. … Focus on Building Loops and Not Entire Songs. … Figure out What Your Beat Will Be.More items…•

How long should my beats be?

i usually go for 2 and a half minutes on average. doesn’t really matter though, just make sure you have everything you need and it sounds dope — they’ll handle the rest if they want something moved around. I’d suggest just doing 2 verses. Do whatever you want.

Do rappers pay for beats?

Some people will charge around $1.99 for beats and others may charge $50. On a much bigger scale, beats can probably sell for anywhere from $300 to in the thousands. You will really do whatever you can to sell them for. As you get more well known, you have more to offer an artist as well.

Is FL Studio free?

FL Studio comes in several editions with different levels of functionality. The free trial version includes all of the program’s features, all plugins, and allows users to render project audio to WAV, MIDI, MP3, and OGG.

Where do rappers find beats?

Rappers get beats in three ways: 1 through online marketplaces that are designed explicitly for this job, 2 through producers they find on Social Media. 3 through free options such as browsing YouTube and Soundcloud, but bear in mind that these free options come with severe limitations.

Is making beats easy?

Making beats is easy if you start with simple patterns and basic software. With basic software, you can easily learn how to make beats step by step. The methods are easy to follow and at a much quicker pace. Eventually, you make your own simple beat that is attractive to the ears.

What do rappers use to make beats?

The Ultimate Guide To Beat Making Software And Equipment For Hip Hop ProductionDigital Audio Workstation (DAW) — ESSENTIAL.MIDI Keyboard Controller — ESSENTIAL.Sound Banks — ESSENTIAL.Studio Monitors — Slightly Optional.Audio Interface — Optional.Condenser Mic — Optional.More items…

How much does FL Studio cost?

FL Studio PricingNamePriceFull song creation & extra plugins$299Full song creation & mic recording$199Basic melody & loops creation$99Complete access all unlocked$737

How hard is it to make rap beats?

Making beats is easy. Making good beats is hard. I suggest you start by simply listening critically to the producers that resonate with you. Being able to deconstruct your favorite producers methods, drum kits, samples etc.

How long does it take to learn to produce?

You don’t want to rush a release and then be embarrassed of it later down the line. 10,000 hours is the usual answer you will hear for the amount of time it takes learning and mastering any valuable skill, like music production. It’s a good benchmark but it also really depends on your previous musical understanding.

What is the best free beat making software?

Here is our list of the top 5 best free beat making softwares: Avid Pro Tools First. LMMS. MuseScore….Let’s dive in.Avid Pro Tools First. Avid Pro Tools First is known as the free version. … MuseScore. … Tracktion 7. … FL Studio. … Garageband. … Studio One 4 Prime.

How do you make beats for beginners?

3. Tips on Beat Making :Pick one program and master it. Don’t try to learn everything at once.Study your favorite music producers. … Collaborate with other producer & artists. … Beats should usually stay under 3 1/2 minutes.Import MIDI. … When you need inspiration look at beat-making videos. … Have Fun!

What should I start with when making beats?

Start with either your drum groove or a musical element. Once you’re happy with the element you started with (drums or instruments), add the other in a way that supports the first. Expand your beat out into a full song form, varying energy from section to section by introducing or taking certain elements away.

How do I start making hip hop beats?

Make better hip hop beats and rap beats with these tips from legendary hip hop producer Johnny Juice.Find a unique influence. … Learn about drums – and other instruments. … Build your sound library. … Start with a song you love. … Don’t forget to pan. … Be aware of mono and stereo. … Avoid sloppy tuning. … Leave space.More items…•