How Tough Is RBI Exam?

How difficult is RBI exam?

The RBI Grade B Officers Phase I exam carried 200 questions, which had to be answered in 120 minutes.

There were four sections – General Awareness, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning.

According to an expert, the overall exam difficulty level of RBI Grade B was moderate..

Is it easy to crack RBI assistant exam?

Cracking the exam is not an easy task. Only clearing the overall RBI Assistant cut off will not be enough. You need to score more than the overall cutoff. Given below are some important points for RBI Assistant 2020 mains exam.

What is the cutoff of RBI assistant?

The level of exam was Easy. So the cut-off would be higher .RBI Zone NameExpected Cut -offNagpur87.50New Delhi90.50Patna88.75Thiruvananthapuram & Kochi89.0013 more rows

Do RBI Grade B officers prepare for UPSC?

Can I prepare for RBI Grade B and UPSC simultaneously? Answer : Yes, you can prepare for both the exams simultaneously.

Is RBI Grade B respectable?

Despite various drawbacks, RBI grade B is one of the most prestigious and sought after jobs in the banking sector in India. Candidates go for it simply because you get ample time to study for higher goals such as UPSC while earning a handsome salary from a respectable job.

Do RBI officers get car?

7000/- of briefcase under briefcase allowance. Even Employee can avail an amount of Rs 7000/- under spectacles allowance for himself or herself or the spouse. RBI Grade B Officer gets the facilities Loan. … Car Loan with subsidized simple interest up to Rs.

Is RBI job better than IAS?

Perks: The accommodation, working staff, vehicle etc are better for IAS officers. But RBI Grade B Managers would be getting accomodation in capital cities mostly unlike an IAS officer who will be staying at various districts. Salary of RBI Grade B Manager is higher than IAS officer. There are many allowances at RBI.

How can I enter in RBI?

RBI Exam 2020 EligibilityA First Class Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 60% marks or an equivalent grade OR.A Second Class Master’s Degree with a minimum of 55% marks or an equivalent grade OR.A Doctorate Degree with 50% marks in Master’s Degree or equivalent grade OR.More items…•

Is RBI a BA government job?

No, RBI Grade B is not a gazetted officer post because the Reserve Bank Of India is a separate entity from government Of India. Working in RBI doesn’t mean directly working for the government, though RBI is a wholly own subsidiary of the Government Of India.

Do RBI assistants get pensions?

Do RBI assistants get pensions? No, the employee who got selected after 2012 for the post of Assistant in Reserve Bank of India will not get the pension as these employees are governed by New Pension Scheme (NPS). However, they will have to give a contribution from their salary to receive a pension.

Is RBI Grade B better than IRS?

IRS carries much more recognition and prestige and that is the single most important criteria. Salary and perks are meaningless. RBI grade B,though a good service,can be put only over the bottom 5-7 services of UPSC.

What is the salary in RBI?

RBI Grade B SalaryRBI Grade B Officer Salary (Basic Pay)Rs. 35,150Pay Scale35150-1750 (9)-50900-EB-1750 (2)-54400-2000 (4)-62400Initial Monthly Gross EmolumentsRs. 77,208 (approx)

Who owns RBI?

the Government of IndiaThough originally privately owned, since nationalisation in 1949, the Reserve Bank is fully owned by the Government of India.

Is RBI assistant exam tough?

RBI Assistant 2020 prelims exam was conducted on February 14 and 15. The overall difficulty level of the exam was easy to moderate. The English Language and Reasoning Ability sections were easy. The Numerical Ability section was easy to moderate.

Is RBI Grade B exam tougher than Upsc?

Both RBI Grade B and UPSC CSE (IAS Exam) are amongst the toughest exams for government job aspirants. While RBI Grade B is mostly favored among banking aspirants, IAS Exam is favored by aspirants who prefer administrative roles in the country.

What is the highest post in RBI?

The highest position an RBI Grade B officer can rise to is Deputy Governor. With the right career path, the government can appoint Deputy Governors as the Governor of RBI! There is a strong chance of getting acquainted with some of the most prestigious organizations of the world such as World Bank, IMF etc.

What is the salary of RBI clerk?

RBI Assistant SalaryBasic SalaryRs. 14,650Pay Scale13150 – 34990Gross EmolumentsRs. 32,528

How can I get selected in RBI?

Selection for Officers in RBI Grade B (DR) – General Candidates will be shortlisted for the interview, centered on the aggregate of marks obtained in Phase-II (Paper-I +Paper-II +Paper-III). The interview will be of 50 marks. The candidate may opt for an interview either in Hindi or English.