Is A Solid Axle Swap Worth It?

What vehicles still have solid axles?

Even though we are now down to just three new vehicle models available with a solid front axle in the U.S.—Jeep Wrangler, Ford Super Duty, and Ram heavy-duty trucks (four if you count the über-expensive Mercedes G-class)—we’re still huge proponents of the driven beam axle construction for off-road use..

What does a solid axle mean?

A solid axle suspension (also called ‘live axle’ or ‘beam axle’) houses the vehicle’s differential inside the axle itself, connected to the wheels by rigid half-shafts. The entire axle moves as one, so if a left wheel drops into a pothole, the right wheel moves upward in response.

What is a SAS truck?

SAS = Solid axle swap, IFS = Independent front suspension.

Is independent rear suspension better than axle?

An independent rear suspension doesn’t necessarily perform better than a well-designed solid-axle setup. This is especially true for vehicles with a lot of front weight bias, like a Mustang. … Launching, in particular, can be dramatically improved with the use of a solid rear axle.

How much does a solid axle swap cost?

A front sas kit is going to runs $1,099. You will also need a front axle that will run about $300. YotaMasters ( install the Kit for $1,800 assuming you do the work on the axle.

What is the advantage of a solid front axle?

The solid axle was also usually made of iron, rather than aluminum, so supporters say its more durable on tougher terrain. The steering can actually be stronger and less susceptible to changes than an IFS system and–especially important to lifted truck owners–a solid axle can be easier and less expensive to lift.

Do solid rear axles need alignment?

Solid rear axle vehicles normally have no provisions for alignment adjustment. The alignment angles on all four wheels are read by the alignment equipment but only the front axle is adjusted. The front alignment angles are set parallel to the rear wheels thrust line. … Both axles are adjusted to the vehicle centerline.

Do solid axles have ball joints?

Solid front axles (like those found on full-size 4×4 trucks) do not have separate control arms, so the upper and lower ball joints share their loads equally. … All front-wheel drive cars have Constant Velocity joints or CV joints on both ends of the drive shafts (half shafts).

Are jeeps solid axle?

Today’s Jeep Wrangler boasts standard Dana 44 front and rear solid axles – a design that dates back to the 1940s that’s still in wide use today, particularly in vehicles that are intended for heavy-duty off-road use.

Are solid axles better?

A solid axle setup can improve traction over big bumps and hills as well as gain more torque from the differential as there are fewer parts that power must transfer through. Solid axles are also more durable than most IFS axles and can be easily changed in comparison, making axle repairs on off-road trucks no problem .

What does a solid axle swap do?

It makes your vehicle all around better off road, more suspension travel, and smoother flex. You can even get more lift out of your car if you straight axle and the best part is that it is much cheaper to fix broken parts with a straight axle rather than independent suspension.