Question: Why Do Junior And Rowdy Climb The Tree?

What does junior identify as the worst?

Junior relates that the worst part of being poor is having one’s dreams deferred or forever forgotten.

He realizes that his parents had to give up their dreams because they are poor, and he says: Seriously, I know my mother and father had their dreams when they were kids..

What does junior do to feel important?

What does Junior do to feel important and get the world to pay attention to him? He feels important with a pen in his hand. He feels like he might grow up to be somebody important.

Is Rowdy a good junior friend?

Rowdy, at least according to Junior, is Junior’s best friend. But Rowdy seldom expresses his emotions in words, and, whenever Junior tries to tell Rowdy how much he means to him, Rowdy usually responds with a homophobic slur.

Why is it significant that rowdy performed well at most competitions?

It is significant that Rowdy performs well at most competitions because he is the only one from his school that is as good as many of the other schools. Rowdy reacts angrily to Junior’s decision to move schools and says Junior is joking. Than when Junior softly touches Rowdy’s shoulder Rowdy punches him in the face.

Why is Junior so cynical about white teachers?

Junior is skeptical of white teachers for two reasons. First, he is influenced by outside sources to be skeptical, and second, his experience teaches him to be skeptical. … This makes Junior even more skeptical of any white person who actually wants to come to the reservation and teach him and his peers.

Why does Mr P forgive Junior for hitting him with the geometry book?

Even though breaking an old man’s nose is “almost unforgivable,” Mr. P says he can forgive Junior because he himself hit Native American kids in his early days of teaching. Mr. P mentions Junior’s sister Mary, the smartest student he’d ever had, wanted to write romance novels.

What is rowdy like?

Rowdy is introduced as a kind of character foil to Junior—he’s the strongest kid on the reservation while Junior is the weakest, and he has trouble expressing any feelings other than anger, while Junior cries frequently and expresses himself easily in cartoons.

How does rowdy react to Junior’s decision?

How does Rowdy react to Junior’s decision to move schools? Why does he react in this way? Rowdy gets super mad and calls Junior a fag and shoves him, and he started to cry, he got really frustrated and started screaming, and then he started hitting Junior.

What happens to Junior’s good intentions?

What happens to Junior’s good intentions? Answer: As he was walking home, three guys beat him up and stole the money that he collected. Explain the event that happens in geology class about petrified wood.

How did Junior react when his father apologized?

How did Junior react when his father apologized? Junior punched him. Junior yelled at him. Junior said that it was okay, even though it wasn’t.

What does junior mean when he says I draw because words are too unpredictable?

Junior draws because: words are too unpredictable and too limited, Drawings are universal – everybody can understand it. wants to talk to the world and have the world pay attention to him.

Why are rowdy and junior friends?

At the very beginning of the novel, Rowdy is the best and only friend of Junior. Junior is very dependent on Rowdy because he protects him. But then, the state of their friendship suffers because he gets very mad and he beats him three times. …

Why does rowdy compare Junior to a nomad?

Rowdy calls Junior a nomad because Junior is following in the footsteps of their ancestors. In the book, Rowdy labels Junior a nomad toward the end of the story. After looking up the word “nomadic” in the dictionary, Rowdy concludes that the conventional definition of the word no longer fits Native Americans today.

What do rowdy and Junior have in common?

Junior and Rowdy have a very complex relationship, Junior is an introverted nerd while Rowdy is a jock and one of the biggest people on the reservation, but they’re best friends, Rowdy gives Junior physical protection from bullies, while Junior gives Rowdy someone to vent his anger, they both keep each other from being …

What happens when Junior goes to the Winter Formal?

What happens when Junior goes to the Winter Formal dance? Arnold realizes he’s the shallow one; Roger and Penelope are good people. Rowdy sends Arnold a picture of his rear end.