Question: Why Does Holden Get Upset To Leave Antolini’S Apartment?

Why does Holden feel comfortable in Antolini’s home?

Antolini’s home because he see’s similarities between himself and his teacher.

Holden’s first meeting with Mr.

Antolini before the night when he sleeps over at the Antolini’s.

Although Holden felt comfortable enough to stay the night at Mr..

What is Mr Antolini trying to tell Holden?

Antolini cuts the tension, bringing coffee for Holden and Mr. … He tells Holden that he is worried about him because he seems primed for a major fall, a fall that will leave him frustrated and embittered against the rest of the world, particularly against the sort of boys he hated at school.

It’s about the loss of innocence. Holden recognizes that he lost his ability to simply and innocently enjoy those simple moments in life.

What event suddenly gives Holden a feeling of peace and happiness?

In one of the final scenes of this novel, Holden takes Phoebe to the park, to ride the carousel. He states that watching her ride the carousel made him feel “so. . . happy all of a sudden, the way old Phoebe kept going around and around. . . I felt so damn happy. . .

How does Antolini upset and scare Holden Can you relate this incident to Holden’s previous digression about flits?

How does Antolini upset and scare Holden? Can you relate his to Holden’s previous digression about “flits”? During his sleep, Holden felt something on his head, which caused him to wake up all of a sudden. … Old Luce said, “half the married guys in the world were flits and didn’t even know it,” which Mr.

What is Mr Antolini trying to convince Holden to do?

Basically, he’s just trying to convince Holden that school is cool. After Holden yawns (come on, he has been awake for the last 24 hours), the two of them make up the couch for Holden to sleep on, with a few more hints that Mr. Antolini sure is drinking a lot.

Why did Holden leave Mr Antolini’s house?

Holden goes to the Antolini’s because he basically has nowhere to go. He has gone home to talk to Phoebe and left and lacks the money to continue to stay at the hotel, etc. Mr. Antolini was a favorite teacher of his so he decides to look him up and takes a cab to his house.

How does Antolini upset and scare Holden?

How does Antolini upset and scare Holden? Mr. Antolini was stroking Holden’s head, and Holden thinks he is pulling a homosexual advance.

Why does Holden cry at the end of Chapter 7?

Holden cries because the seriousness of his school situation, his frustrating life, and his feelings of depression and loneliness all crash down on him at once.

Why does Holden say he loves Sally?

When he first sees her, he is convinced he is in love with her. … Despite the fact that Sally is obviously not a good match for him, Holden claims that at the moment he proposed that they run away together, he did truly love her. His feelings are irrational, but they indicate how desperate he is to find love.

Is Mr Antolini making a pass at Holden?

Antolini is not making a pass at him. For one thing, Holden has consistently proven himself an unreliable judge of character.

What triggers Holden’s crying in Phoebe’s room?

Holden lights a cigarette, and Phoebe explains how she can fake a fever. Suddenly, they hear their parents entering the apartment. … His mother checks on Phoebe and, smelling the cigarette, scolds her for smoking. After the mother leaves, Phoebe loans Holden her Christmas money, which makes Holden cry.

Is Mr Antolini a phony?

Mr. … Antolini is the adult who comes closest to reaching Holden. He manages to avoid alienating Holden, and being labeled a “phony,” because he doesn’t behave conventionally.

Why does Holden call Mr Antolini?

After visiting Phoebe, Holden decides to call Mr. Antolini. He used to be his teacher at Elkton Hills, he says, but he’s now an English instructor at N.Y.U. So Holden calls him up and tells him he’s flunked out of Pencey.

What dirty trick did Mr Spencer pull on Holden?

Spencer pulls the ultimate dirty trick on Holden. He pulls out Holden’s latest essay on the Egyptians and reads its aloud, right down to Holden’s self-degrading note: “I know this is junk, so it’s OK if you flunk me, don’t worry about it” (Ch. 2).