Quick Answer: Do Keep In Touch?

How do you say we will keep in touch formal?

The best way to say “let’s keep in touch” is to actually keep in touch!…I look forward to further correspondence.[ 1]We’ll have to do lunch sometime.“Let’s keep in touch.”.

How do you say keep doing the good work?

Here are some:Good job!Couldn’t have done it better myself.You’re on the right track now!Keep up the great work!Good job! Keep it up!Keep up the hard work!You’re doing a great job.That’s coming along nicely.More items…•

What to say when someone says you did a good job?

For a job well done: “Thank you. I was hoping this was what you were looking for, and I really like it too.” For a speech, performance, article, or work of art: “Thank you. I really enjoy (writing, performing, speaking, whatever), and I’m glad you liked it!”

What does keep in touch mean?

: to continue to talk to or write to someone My ex-husband and I still keep in touch.

What should be the reply of keep it up?

A good response to this is, “Thanks, I will.”…For example:Boss: Katie, I really like the way that you designed this. The colors really work well together. I think this is going to look great.Katie: Oh, thank you.Boss. You’ve really been doing some great stuff lately. Keep up the good work.

Do keep in touch reply?

what to say when someone tells you “keep in touch”? You can respond by saying, “Yes, let’s keep in touch.”

Is it stay in touch or keep in touch?

So, “to stay in touch”, or “keep in touch”, or “be in touch”, or “to get in touch”, basically means to remain in contact or communication. To keep communication. Stay in contact, stay in communication with someone in your life.

How do you say keep in touch in email?

Hi (first name), great to meet/see you (remind them when and where you met). I would like to keep in touch with you as I see a potential opportunity to (reason).

What is another word for contact?

In this page you can discover 74 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for contact, like: get in touch with, reach, touch, get-hold-of, get-through-to, physical contact, juxtaposition, connect, meeting, contagious and osculation.

What to say when someone appreciates you?

Here are a few ways to respond to a compliment:“Thank you, it makes my day to hear that.”“I really put a lot of thought into this, thank you for noticing.”“Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to express that.”“Thank you, I am happy to hear you feel that way!”

What’s another way to say keep in touch?

What is another word for keep in touch?stay in touch withcommunicateliaiseconverseinterfaceconnectmeetchatcommunenetwork55 more rows

What does it mean when a girl says keep in touch?

It means she’s interested and wishes to see you again, even if it’s only Platonic. Meaning she see’s you as a friend.

What does it mean when a guy says keep in touch?

It’s made to sound like he wants you to contact him from time to time and maybe he does. It is also a polite way of saying bye. He’s usually keeping things on a positive note but isn’t interested in anything like a friendship right now or maybe never.

How do you stay in touch with someone?

Here are some tips:Figure out what your friend needs from you.Set parameters about how you’ll stay in touch.Remind your friends that you think about them.Remind your friends why they’re special, and why their friendship is special to you.Talk about the future.Pay attention to the details.Share things about yourself.More items…•

Why does my ex girlfriend wants to keep in touch with me?

So, if your ex is keeping in touch with you, it may be because she’s a nice person who still genuinely cares enough about you enough to stay in touch and make sure that you’re okay. In her eyes, she’s just doing what she feels is the right thing to do.