Quick Answer: Do You Get Free Food If You Work At Dunkin Donuts?

Do you get free donuts if you work at Dunkin Donuts?

Basically free coffee and donuts.

The employee discount can only be used during your shift for your meal break.

employees get half off during their shift and sometimes managers will reward you with free drinks or food..

What is the starting pay for Dunkin Donuts?

approximately $10.47Average Dunkin’ Donuts Cashier hourly pay in the United States is approximately $10.47, which meets the national average.

Does Dunkin Donuts give raises?

Employees like They have a very flexible schedule and are very easy to work with. They give frequent raises, and Christmas bonuses.

How long are shifts at Dunkin Donuts?

4 to 8 hoursShifts can range from 4 to 8 hours long, sometimes reaching even longer depending on what needs to be done.

Can you be 14 and work at Dunkin Donuts?

Does Dunkin’ Donuts Hire at 14? – No. To work at Dunkin’ Donuts, you must be at least 16-years-old.

Is working at Dunkin Donuts good?

I loved working at Dunkin! it was easy, fun, and I loved all my customers! it’s a great place to get some good fast food. My time working for Dunkin Donuts was one of my very favorite jobs!!

What are the perks of working at Dunkin Donuts?

BenefitsCompany-paid life insurance.Short- and long-term disability.Traditional and Roth 401(k) with a company match.Optional health plans for Vision, Accidental Injury and Critical Illness.Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to help with eligible health and dependent care expenses.More items…

Is working at Dunkin Donuts easy?

The job itself is very easy and I liked what I did. Everything outside of that was awful. Working at Dunkin Donuts is incredibly fast paced for breakfast and lunch rush, but very slow for the rest of the day. The work itself isn’t too hard, besides memorizing how to make specialty drinks.

What is the dress code for Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin Donuts has their own dress code of mainly plain white collared shirt and blue jeans. White polo shirt for crew members, blue polo shirt for shift leaders. Black non-slip shoes, nice blue jeans with no holes, apron, hat, name tag, and a headset for drive thru.

Does Dunkin Donuts get paid weekly?

Dunkin donuts pays weekly.

How much does a Dunkin Donuts crew member make?

Dunkin’ Donuts crew members generally earn about $9.00 an hour on average. Experienced crew members may get an increased pay rate. At Dunkin’ Donuts, a crew member may also earn job perks, such as flexible scheduling, store discounts, and paid training.

What do they ask you at a Dunkin Donuts interview?

General Dunkin Donuts Interview QuestionsWhat can you tell us about Dunkin’ Donuts? … Why do you want to a Dunkin Donuts? … Why should I hire you? … Can you work weekends/nights? … Do you have a criminal record? … How would you deal with an upset customer? … What is your greatest weakness?More items…