Quick Answer: Does PacSun Do Free Exchanges?

How long do PacSun orders take?


*Free Standard Shipping applies to all orders, excluding gift cards, online gift certificates, promotional discounts, taxes or additional charges.

Standard Shipping delivery is 5-8 business days for domestic and up to 14-16 business days for military destinations..

Can you return Brandy Melville to PacSun?

Similarly, can you return Brandy Melville at PacSun? Brandy Melville is a brand that has been featured in PacSun stores. While your gift card won’t work on the Brandy Melville website, it will work on any PacSun store items– which sometimes includes Brandy Melville! … Yes, PacSun does offer free returns & exchanges.

How do I return an order?

For a conventional return, to return an item you ordered:Go to Your Orders to display your recent orders. … Choose the order and select Return or Replace Items.Select the item you want to return, and select an option from the Reason for return menu.Choose how to process your return. … Select your preferred return method.More items…

Can you exchange at Pacsun?

Returns with Original Receipt ▪️ Returns accompanied by an original receipt within 30 days of purchase will be refunded based on the original form of payment. ▪️ Returns made after 30 days from the date of purchase will be credited for the price paid for the item in form of merchandise credit or exchange.

How do I exchange on Pacsun?

If you want to return an order you bought online within the past 30 days, you can return by mail or return to a PacSun store. Go to pacsun.com/returns, fill in the information, and follow the instructions.

Can I swap an item without a receipt?

If you can’t get hold of the receipt and you’re taking an item back simply because you don’t like it, the retailer is under no legal obligation to give you a refund – but the retailer may offer you an exchange or a credit note. Be warned that, if that item is now in the sale, your credit note will reflect that price.

Is Pacsun safe to order from?

PACSUN has a consumer rating of 2.19 stars from 236 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about PACSUN most frequently mention customer service, gift card and business days problems. PACSUN ranks 60th among General Apparel sites.

Is PacSun clothing good quality?

They’re not the best quality but they’re great for a fun girl who are on the go in style. Depending on the brand you choose. Some brands have very cheap texture of clothing that tend to fade away faster or start unstitching. … They carry very hip clothing and brands like Roxy, Hurley and other brands such as those.

Does PacSun charge for returns?

No, PacSun does not offer free returns & exchanges.

Does PacSun sell fake stuff?

Has PacSun been known to sell fake products? … Yes, PacSun does offer authentic products.

Why is PacSun so expensive?

11 answers No, the prices are due to the quality of the clothing. Many people think it is over priced compared to the other stores such as charolette Russe and rue 21, but pacsun has such better quality clothing that will last forever.

How do I return an online order?

Returning Online Purchases: Go to the online site where you purchased your merchandise. Find and read the return policy. Most online stores will only accept returns of unused and unopened items. If it is clothing, you must keep the tags on the clothing in order to return the purchase.