Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Word Of Nephew?

What do I call my husband’s nephew?

Your spouse’s nephew could be called “my nephew” in English, but I don’t see “my husband’s nephew” as particularly rude or insulting, just slightly clearer at the cost of being longer.

One has a slightly different relationship with your own sister’s children to that with your sister-in-law’s children..

What do I call my cousins child?

The child of your cousin is your first cousin once removed, not your second cousin. A second cousin is the child of your parent’s first cousin. So if you have a child, your child and your cousin’s child are second cousins to each other.

What is my sister son called?

nephewA nephew is the son of your sister or brother.

Can a Hindu marry a nephew?

Yes you can marry your niece under the Hindu Merriage Act, 1955 if the customs and traditions permit you to do so.

What is the opposite word of Lion?

What are the antonyms for LION? zero, subordinate, nobody, inferior, underling, nothing, lightweight, half-pint.

What’s the opposite of negotiate?

What is the opposite of negotiation?disputedisagreementquarrelargumentdisputationdebatediscorddissensionmisunderstandingsquabble10 more rows

What is opposite word of Tiger?

What are the antonyms for TIGER? reed, weakling, softy, wimp, milquetoast, pushover.

How do you spell nephew in English?

noun. a son of one’s brother or sister. a son of one’s spouse’s brother or sister.

What is the antonyms of nephew?

Antonym of NephewWordAntonymNephewNieceGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Can you marry your nephew?

An avunculate marriage is a marriage with a parent’s sibling or with one’s sibling’s child—i.e., between an uncle or aunt and their niece or nephew. Such a marriage may occur between biological (consanguine) relatives or between persons related by marriage (affinity).

What do you call the daughter of my nephew?

Grandniece and great-niece are interchangeable terms that describe the daughter of a person’s niece or nephew. Grandniece aligns more traditionally with the term grandson, but “great” in the expression great-niece means one generation removed, according to the website Grammarphobia.

Can uncle and niece have a baby?

An uncle and his niece, or an aunt and her nephew (a second-degree relationship) share a quarter of their genes. … As they share a significant proportion of their genes, the couple are at risk of having a child with an autosomal recessive condition.

In the United States, every state prohibits you from marrying any of your ancestors or descendants including your brother, your sister, your half-brother, your half-sister, your aunt, your uncle, your niece, your nephew, your mother, your father, your grandmother, your grandfather, your great-grandmother, your great- …

What is it called when you negotiate a price?

bargain. verbnegotiate terms of sale or agreement. agree. arrange. barter.

What is the opposite gender of nephew?

A niece is female, while a nephew is male, with the term nibling used in place of the gender specific niece and nephew in some specialist literature.

What is opposite word?

n a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other. Synonyms: antonym, opposite Antonyms: equivalent word, synonym. two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context.

When two or more people from one party negotiate with two or more people from the other side it is called?

Conflict negotiation is when two or more persons with different priorities attempt to reach solutions that will be acceptable to everyone.

What is another word for crippled?

Frequently Asked Questions About cripple Some common synonyms of cripple are batter, maim, mangle, and mutilate. While all these words mean “to injure so severely as to cause lasting damage,” cripple implies the loss or serious impairment of an arm or leg.